“Why can’t we book a great cook at the click of a button”

Is what the founders asked themselves on numerous occasions. Siddhi and Heinin were working in finance together and they were getting increasingly tired of eating out or getting takeaway almost every day. They always enjoyed the idea of coming home from work and whipping up a great dinner for themselves and their friends, because catching up at home after a long day at work is just so much more relaxed and comfortable. However these ideas were usually replaced by ordering takeaway, or frantically trying to book somewhere decent last minute.

“Why can we book a car, a cleaner, a massage even, but not a cook?” Without paying a fortune that is.

Our mission is to reinvent dining at home. In reminiscence of how, growing up, coming home was about asking what was for dinner and doing our homework, before smelling the magic of fresh food slowly escaping the kitchen, no matter the strength of the extractor fan. Sprinting down at the sound of “Dinner is ready” and helping set the table whilst waiting for the less hangry siblings to finally make their way.

Invite friends and family over for a dinner party where everyone gets to enjoy each other's company without the pomp and circumstance. Plus you get to pick your favourite playlist and splurge on wine.

Dining at home is about sitting down and spending quality time together

Sharing stories about each others day; having meaningful conversations, or at times resolving disagreements, without getting interrupted by a waiter hinting that they need the table back for the next seating. In the age of technology and endless distractions, we believe that people’s attention spans are shrinking just as quickly as ice caps are melting. Being mindful is a growing topic and we believe that, by providing more opportunities for real human connections in the intimate setting of home, we are bringing meaning back to dining.

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