Have you ever seen a professional chef in action?

Cooking shows don't count!

Chefs are the backbone of memorable dining experience by they are usually working away silently behind the scenes. Whether at your local restaurant or the beautiful wedding banquet you recently attended.

By taking care of the groceries, our chefs can really focus on the art of cooking. We work with super talented chefs who have cooked at Michelin Starred establishments or trained at some of the best culinary schools in Europe.

Some of the chefs we are working with

Once we have assigned a chef, you will receive an email with information about your chef. This will include their name, a photo and some other information, so that you have a sense of who will be cooking for you


Studied Philosophy Avid Skiier


Part-time Actress Spent a year cooking in India


From Nepal Loves to travel & explore


Used to work in Marketing Cordon Bleu Student


Passionate Pasty Chef Keen Photographer

Our portfolio of chefs includes MasterChef contestants, chefs who have cooked for the Prince of Saudi or worked at Michelin starred restaurants. Many of our chefs have earned AA rosettes, some are current or former students of Le Cordon Bleu Academy, others have been private chefs for well-known athletes.

We love working with creative chefs who have a broad range of experience. Our average chef has more than 10 years of experience in professional kitchens, but we know that talent isn't a function of time, so we meet every chef before deciding whether to work with them.

Our Onboarding Process


Work Experience and Cuisines

Meet in person

Get to know them and their interests


Food Safety

Cooking Skills

Cooking trial 2-3 dishes

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