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The more dishes you choose, the higher the total cost, of higher grocery cost and more chef time needed.

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People Dishes
1-6 3
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11-15 4-5
16-20 5-6

Depending on the chosen occasion, you will be able to select dishes from our large database of delicious food ranging from classics such as Butter Chicken, Beef Stroganoff, to the best ever Vegan Lasagne (as declared by meat eaters!), or trendy but timeless Middle Eastern inspired fusion dishes.

If you have a dish in mind that is not offered yet, please contact us by live chat or email and we will try our best to accommodate.

Often, clients send us screenshots of dishes they see on Instagram, or sometimes clients send us their favourite family recipe.

Decision paralysis is real!

Hence we uploaded these past client orders, with dishes, total cost and number of people.

Our current dishes

Here are all the dishes currently on our website.

What about special dietary requirements?

Our service is customisable and you can ask your chef to cook the dishes exactly the way you would like them. We have catered for the following types of dietary requirements so far. However, we are reliant on our grocery partners the necessary products in stock, such as gluten-free products or halal meat cuts. In the case that they do not, we might ask you to choose a different dish or provide these products yourself.

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