Most Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you to place your booking a week before, but you can book up to 2 days in advance.
It depends on what type of event you have in mind and how many people you are inviting. If you have enough space to seat everyone you can go for "Feelin‘ Fancy", 3 or more courses of fancier dishes, or the more casual "Hanging Out" option of sharing style dishes. If you cannot seat all the guest, choose the "Hanging Out" option which works very well for house parties and larger events where people will be standing and mingling.
Visit the "Our food“ page for inspiration on dishes and past orders.
Visit the “Our chefs” page for more information about our chefs as well as our chef on-boarding process.

Less Frequently Asked Questions

We have a huge variety of talented chefs across nationalities! All our chefs love meeting new people and spreading joy with their cooking skills. Some of them have worked in Michelin star restaurants or earned 3 AA rosettes, others are currently studying cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.
You can hire our chefs at £25/h for 3hr minimum. Email us with date/time and dishes - we will match you with the most suitable chef!
Our chefs come from a wide range of countries - if you would like a certain cuisine / dish which isn’t on our menu we can speak to the most suitable chef to meet your personal request.
Yes. Please make sure you have enough kitchenware for the chef to cook for the amount of people stated. We have a kitchen checklist (pot, pan, saucepan, baking tray/dish, colander, blender, can-opener, peeler, etc.) and if you are missing some of the items the chef can try to accommodate by bringing his own, easily for smaller items, more reluctantly for larger items such as pots and baking trays.
Full refund if you a) cancel within 10 minutes of placing a booking (“Grace Period”) or b) cancel up to 48 hours before the booking.
If you cancel within 48 hours of the booking we consider this a ‘late cancellation’ and we charge the full amount for products procured on your behalf, as well as 30% of the chef fee.
If you cancel within 2 hours of the booking we consider this a ‘very late cancellation’ and we charge the full amount for products procured on your behalf, as well as 100% of the chef fee.
Your unique referral code is the email you used to create your account.
Yes you do! Share your unique referral code with your friends and they will get 15% off their first booking. Once their booking has taken place you will get 15% off your next booking!
We will do our best to assign your booking to a different chef to prevent interfering with your plans. In the unfortunate case that we are unable to honour the booking we will give you a full refund, as well as 20% off your next booking.
Yes, please make sure that you have enough plates and cutlery for all of your guests. Or Tupperware in case you are booking for meal prep and need to store food. We are more than happy to arrange any Tupperware for you at added cost.

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